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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My first entry since 2013 and in about 10 days time, we'll be crossing over to 2017.

2016 has been momentous to say the least. 

It's our first year or marriage, Jo and I.

Another milestone was for me to decide stepping out of full-time ministry with the church and get back into the working world. Tasted the world of sales and from henceforth am able to say it is really not my cup of tea. Then now finally settling into my current attachment with the State Sports Council - I guess God has a funny way of placing me where He sees fit.

Of course, this year's biggest highlight is none other than our soon to arrive little junior. Speaking of which, he is currently 37 weeks, termed to come out anytime now though estimated due date is on the 8th January 2017. Do pray for Jo, myself and baby to be safe and healthy. 

With so many adjustments and adapting to be done this year, needless to say I find myself struggling to find a firm footing in terms of direction and passion. Somewhat brings me back to the transitional period between uni life and moving into adulthood - the season of wrestling, unraveling, questioning and bargaining with God in regards to calling, passion and desire. 

How fitting it is for me to blog this down during the Christmas season which reminds us of the nativity story once again. The wise men and shepherd had to keep their eyes on the star in order to coordinate their way to meet baby Jesus. How we all need the Star in our lives to be our compass! This season I truly need the Lord to speak and direct or perhaps re-direct my passion, heart and essentially my calling again. 

The fact that we need to swallow is that life will always have transitional seasons. So as we celebrate Christmas, let's be joyfully reminded that life can throw at us all it has and what will keep us going is to be watchful of that shining Star. You may feel life your drifting aimlessly this season then my encouragement and note to self is to be like the wise men and shepherds - look at the Star. 

Blessed Christmas to all! 

P/S: Will try to blog a little more often. I think I need it.


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