Dedicated to Adelene Joyce William.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sometimes I really don't understand how God function, perhaps I never will until I cross over to the other side. Adelene Joyce William, a dear friend passed away on the 27th December 2013, only 28 years of age. Why God? Why? A soft-spoken well-mannered friendly person who was passionate for God passed away after fighting with Lupus for the past 5 years. In times like this I really wrestle in trusting God as the sovereign Lord... But Adelene, in spite of her wrestling in coping with Lupus, never forsake her faith in Christ. I guess Adelene was a living evidence of what trusting God as the sovereign Lord of all meant. 

Over the years, we lost touch. And I regret much for that. That's the thing about life. It's so easy to get entangled by the hectic routine of life and even ministry that we get caught losing touch with dear friends whom God has placed in our lives. Nevertheless, I am truly grateful for the close friendship I had with Adelene. I missed having our conversations over the phone and trying to get her to meet me somewhere in PJ area instead of small town Banting, or joking around with her about small town Banting. Though soft-spoken, she always had a good witty humour or a one-liner come back. 

Thank you Adelene for being a true friend.
For being a fighter.
For being a living evidence of living a life filled with faith.
Thank you for making an impact in my life and in many others.

It's overwhelming to let you go, at such a young age. 
But God knows best and His timing is perfect right? 
I will see you on the other side when I get there one day. 
For now, I will forever remember Banting with the memories of AJW :)
As for you, you deserve the eternal comfort and rest my dear friend! 
We shall meet some day :)



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