Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Every coach who takes on the challenge to coach a team will have his or her own sets of philosophy whether he or she realizes it or not. That philosophy, whatever it may be, is an intrinsic worldview that has been shaped over the years through our experiences and more importantly our belief system. It's within us. It shows in how we coach others, the values that we project and the principles that seeps into the team.

I was recently blessed with the FCA Coaches' Bible. Within the first few pages of it was a section entitled "Coaches' Mandate", in which FCA listed down 13 Mandates of a coach. I challenged my life group leaders to look into these mandates and pick at least 1 of it that they want to grow in. Something for us to think about and challenge ourselves to keep in step with.

It was a good exercise, more so as the league is under way. Many times as a coach, I find myself guilty forgetting certain philosophies and principles that I want to establish within my team amidst the heat and excitement of the competition. As I looked through the mandate, I picked two particular mandates to focus on:

1. "Attend carefully to my private and public walk with God, 
knowing that the athlete will never rise to a standard higher than that being lived by the coach."

I remember reading John Maxwell "Law of the Lid" years back and this mandate reminded me of that. If we want to train and grow others, we can only train and grow them to the standard that we are at.

2. "Depend solely upon God for transformation, one athlete at a time."

I got to constantly remind myself that I CANNOT transform people. I'm merely a tool used in that process of transformation. Transformation of the heart and spirit comes solely from Him alone. It's the hard truth that many times I forget.

What is your focus?

What are your philosophies in coaching people under your care?


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I remember reading John Maxwell "Law of the Lid" years back and this mandate reminded me of that. If we want to train and grow others, we can only train and grow them to the standard that we are at.

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